Electrically insulating coatings

Insulating coatings are used wherever current is not allowed to pass to the outside and high voltage resistance is required. For electrically insulating coatings, we use polymers such as Rilsan, Halar or ETFE. The reason: Polymers are inherently poor conductors. Even with a humid environment and high temperatures at the same time, you get very good electrical insulation and breakdown values with well thought-out coatings. This is made possible by careful processing with non-porous surfaces, good edge coverage and adhesion. In addition, electrically insulating coatings often provide additional properties. They often protect against chemical attacks as well as from a lack of wettability, for example, in galvanic plants for the reduction of liquid entrainments.

- Manual Coating
- Partially and fully-automated coatings
- Dip coating

- Fittings industry
- Automotive industry
- Chemical industry
- Electrical engineering
- Energy sector
- Maintenance / Repair
- Plastics processing industry 
- Laboratory technology
- Coatings technology
- Food industry 
- Aviation industry
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Measurement and level control technology
- Off-Shore
- Paper and printing industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Transport sector
- Packaging industry


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