Noise reduction / Noise reducing coatings

Cracking and squeaking does not have to be: Dry lubrication effectively eliminates unwanted noise.

The combination of different materials, such as metal, plastic and elastomers, often causes noise. For this reason, for example, locking springs in automotive engineering are treated with a noise-reducing dry lubrication system made of PTFE so that the ventilation slots do not creak during adjustment. A sliding coat of MoS2 prevents the characteristic cracking when heating condensing water heaters. Functional coatings are also used in sensitive areas such as medical technology: Dry lubrication with friction reduction prevents, for example, unpleasant noises and improves usability, for example of insulin pens. We solve noise reductions for harsh industrial applications with injected PU coating products, which are also extremely resistant to wear.

The cases described here are only some examples of the possibilities. They can be adapted depending on the task – use our individual advice.

- Manual Coating
- Partially and fully-automated coatings
- Mass coating
- Dip coating

- Automotive industry
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Furniture industry


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