Wear protection

Signs of wear affect components in almost all branches of industries. Seamlessly sprayed plastic coatings with a high coefficient of friction protect and conserve your components, as required, according to requirements on the partial surfaces or on entire surfaces. FDA-conformant coatings are available for the food or pharmaceutical industry. Depending on the component geometry, coat thicknesses of approximately 200 μm to several millimeters are possible.


Advantages and additional properties

Wear-resistant coatings made of PU, PUR or TPU are impact and scratch proof, have a high rebound elasticity and a very high cutting and tear resistance. They distribute the surface pressure and prevent imprints or scratches on sensitive surfaces.

Besides the actual wear protection with variable static friction and low area weight, you benefit from a range of additional properties of the respective coating. Polyether polyols, for example, are resistant to cold and microbes. Cross-linked polyurethane elastomer coatings are extremely tough and elastic, abrasion-resistant and well damping.

- Manual Coating

- Fittings industry
- Automotive industry
- Chemical industry
- Electrical engineering
- Energy sector
- Semiconductor industry
- Maintenance / Repair
- Plastics processing industry 
- Laboratory technology
- Coatings technology
- Food industry 
- Aviation industry
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Measurement and level control technology
- Furniture industry
- Off-Shore
- Paper and printing industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Transport sector
- Watch industry / Luxury goods
- Packaging industry


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