Dip coating

Special geometries or geometries that are difficult to reach in the interior cannot be coated with conventional spraying methods. In such cases, we recommend the use of machinery for dip coating line. In the case of dip coating, the component or substrate is dipped into the coating solution. When removing, a liquid film remains on the component. The component is then dried or burned. Dip coating is particularly economical when using wet coat, since the material loss is - in contrast to spraying (Overspray) - low. The process is used wherever the functionality of the surface is more important than the surface quality, since the tolerances must be greater due to the process.


Eddy sintering

Eddy sintering is the equivalent of dip coating with powdered coating materials. The method is popular for coating metal surfaces with a plastic coating. We dip the preheated component in a coating tank in which powder is suspended. The coating powder melts on the hot component to form a porous film.

Chemical protection
Electrically conductive
Electrically insulating
Noise reduction
Bonded coatings & dry lubrication
Corrosion protection
Individual coating solutions

- Fittings industry
- Automotive industry
- Chemical industry
- Electrical engineering
- Energy sector
- Semiconductor industry
- Maintenance / Repair
- Plastics processing industry 
- Laboratory technology
- Coatings technology
- Food industry 
- Aviation industry
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Measurement and level control technology
- Furniture industry
- Off-Shore
- Paper and printing industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Transport sector
- Watch industry / Luxury goods
- Packaging industry


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