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FEP coatings - combination of non-stick coating and chemical protection

FEP, or PFEP, is the short form of fluoroethylene propylene, which is a combination of non-stick coating and chemical protection.
In addition to these properties, FEP coatings also protect against corrosion and have good electrical insulating properties.
FEP coatings can be applied in very thin layers (15 - 30 µm
in the single-layer system), are heat-resistant up to 200° and are naturally transparent.
Due to their diverse properties, FEP-based coatings can be found in a variety of products. These range from instruments in medical technology to coatings for housings in the fittings industry. For higher demands on chemical resistance, layer thicknesses of up to 1mm can be achieved.  

Processing of FEP as coating

Like PTFE and PFA, fluoroethylene propylene is a fluoropolymer, or more precisely a co-polymer.
FEP is processed, depending on the form of application, in liquid form, as powder or as a combination of both. If higher layer thicknesses are to be achieved, the processing is usually done in the so-called powder hotflock process.  

Similar to other Teflon® products, FEP coatings can also be formed by sintering.

FEP, the third important fluoropolymer for coatings

FEP coatings are distributed like PTFE and PFA coatings of the manufacturer Chemours™ under the umbrella brand Teflon™.
With now more than 15 years as licensed contract coater of the company Chemours™
In the field of Teflon coatings we can guarantee high quality standards in production and processing.  For Teflon™ coatings only the products of Chemours™ are used.

ppg's Xylan® Coatings

Xylan® coatings is an umbrella term for ppg brand fluoropolymer coatings. The fluoropolymers mainly used here are PTFE PFA and FEP. Xylan® coatings can be used as non-stick coatings or bonded coatings, but also as protection against wear caused by chemicals or corrosion.
ppg and Adelhelm work closely together to offer you the best coating for your product.

Use of FEP coatings, in medical technology and food industry

Due to their excellent non-stick properties and variable layer thicknesses, FEP coatings are particularly suitable for coating needles, wires and HF instruments. Furthermore, FEP coatings are FDA-approved, which means that functional non-stick coatings are used on components in industrial food production in large bakeries.

The combination of non-stick coating, chemical protection and the additional suitability as corrosion protection allow a much wider range of applications, e.g. the use in photovoltaic, pharmaceutical and semiconductor industry.  

If you have any questions about the use of FEP coatings for your products, simply contact us by phone or e-mail.

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FEP coating, non-stick coating for enclosures in the food industry - processing cheese.
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Funnel with FEP coating, non-stick coating and chemical protection
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Impeller coated with Excalibur for nonstick coating / FEP Coating for the food industry electrically conductive.
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Tire molding tool with FEP non-stick coating
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Molding tool with FEP non-stick coating for the automotive industry.