Mass coating

Economical coating of small parts - this works particularly well with the controlled mass coating processes by ADELHELM LubriCoat. Your metal parts are coated safely and cost-effectively. For example, in the dipping-centrifugation coating process or with the aid of immersion drums, in which the coating is applied as gently as in a mass process. For the mass coating of plastics such as elastomers, we offer you specially developed coating systems, which achieve a higher and uniform coat build-up with minimal abrasion compared to the drum process.


Mass coating offers you a number of advantages:

  • Large quantities (e.g. connecting elements) can be coated quickly, cost-effectively and resource-saving.
  • Carefully coat sensitive components
  • Polished surfaces without coat displacements


Noise reduction
Bonded coatings & dry lubrication
Corrosion protection
Individual coating solutions

- Fittings industry
- Automotive industry
- Chemical industry
- Electrical engineering
- Energy sector
- Maintenance / Repair
- Plastics processing industry 
- Laboratory technology
- Coatings technology
- Food industry 
- Aviation industry
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Measurement and level control technology
- Furniture industry
- Off-Shore
- Paper and printing industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Transport sector
- Watch industry / Luxury goods
- Packaging industry


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