TECHNICOAT s.r.o.: Functional coatings

TECHNICOAT is a service provider for industrial surfaces in Eastern Europe. Core competency of the company founded in 1999 are fluoropolymer coatings for the baking industry, the textile industry, the automotive industry and the oil and gas industry. In addition to the headquarters in Planá, Czech Republic, the TECHNICOAT Group has locations in Poland, Romania and India. Since 2010, ADELHELM has played a key role in TECHNICOAT s.r.o. and it supports the solid growth of the company.

TECHNICOAT is the market leader in Eastern Europe for powder and wet coat application including wet-chemical pretreatment. Moreover, TECHNICOAT offers state-of-the-art systems for the serial application of bonded coatings and is thus an important partner for automotive suppliers and companies in other industries. In its furnaces and installations, TECHNICOAT coats parts with a weight of up to 5,000 kg and internal dimensions of 2 x 3 x 5 m.