Quality management at ADELHELM

The integrated management system (IMS) of ADELHELM Kunststoffbeschichtungen GmbH and ADELHELM LubriCoat GmbH covers the areas of quality, environmental protection and energy. By combining resources and expertise, we create synergies that benefit customers, the environment and businesses alike.

Quality management at ADELHELM

For us, quality means not only meeting the demands, expectations and wishes of our customers, but also surpassing them wherever possible. That is why we are working day by day to improve our products, services and processes. The continuous improvement process at ADELHELM is based on ISO 9001 certification. A 100% quality claim is our guiding value for your trust and your maximum satisfaction.


The effective use of resources co-operates in the future viability of a company At ADELHELM, we have been systematically sustained for years. Environmental protection is an integral part of our corporate strategy. Our values are based on social responsibility and respect for our environment. For all ADELHELM products, the maxim is to be high quality, environmentally friendly and innovative. By regularly inspecting our environmental objectives, defined in the environmental management standard ISO 14001, we are constantly working on the reduction of waste, waste water and emissions.


Energy consumption is part of the integrated management system because it affects all areas of the company. As an energy-intensive industrial company, it is our goal to identify and exploit opportunities along the entire value chain to increase energy efficiency and environmental protection

All measures are embedded in environmental and energy management systems according to DIN EN 14001 and 50001 of the ADELHLM Group.

Energy management with the example of Eningen

The new building at the Eningen location (opened in 2015), for example, consistently focuses on energy from sustainable resources. The waste heat from an adjacent biogas plant is used. The particularity: Generators not only generate electricity from biogas, but the generator waste heat generated during the generation of electricity is also fed into the company building via a local heating line. This significantly increases the efficiency of the system. Highly insulated steel pipes allow the pump flow to surge at temperatures of 80 °C.

“We take our self-defined aspirations seriously - reduction of our ecological footprint - and biogas heat is only one aspect. 90% of the new lighting units are based on LED technology. 89% of lighting technology could be obtained from Europe. Now, we are working on integrating the available roof surfaces for solar power generation. Electricity, which we then want to use ourselves. “
Thomas Adelhelm

Quality assurance: Testing and measuring instruments

Quality assurance at ADELHELM offers you a broad portfolio of testing and measuring instruments. The following overview shows the most important devices and tests at a glance.
Infrared spectroscope _ Materials analysis
Contact angle measurement _ Determination of the surface tension
_ Testing the wettability of surfaces
Universal-testing-machine _ Material analysis
_ Tensile tests
_ Determination of press-in forces
_ Determination of friction forces
Laser measuring instrument _ Diameter inspection
_ Concentricity test
Conductivity measuring instrument _ Measurement of the conductivity of coated surfaces
_ Measurement of the discharge capacity of coated surfaces
High-voltage test equipment _ Pore impermeability of coatings
_ Insulation properties of coatings
Image processing systems _ Check of elastomers for surface defects
_ Check of elastomers for extraneous materials
Stereo microscope _ Material analysis
_ Coating thickness measurement
Laser measuring instrument _ Coating thickness measurement
Profile projector _ Shape control of components
Roughness measuring instruments _ Roughness
_ Contact ratio
Eddy current – measuring device instruments _ Coating thickness measurement
Induction - measuring instruments _ Coating thickness measurement
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