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PFA coatings

PFA coatings, also colloquially often called Teflon™ coating, are offered by Adelhelm for non-stick coating in different layer thicknesses of approx. 30μm up to 150μm. To increase the abrasion resistance, PFA coatings can be reinforced both internally and externally.

In addition to the non-stick effect, PFA coatings as a thick-film version also provide excellent chemical protection for high-temperature applications up to 250 °C.

Adelhelm can apply PFA coatings in different versions, even for the highest demands on diffusion resistance, for layer thicknesses of up to 2,000 μm.

On request we also offer thin PFA non-stick and/or chemical protection coatings with electrically conducting function.

Chemours™ Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA)

The Adelhelm Group has been licensed by the company Chemours™ (Teflon™) for 15 years.
Teflon™ coatings from Adelhelm thus comply with the high quality standards of Chemours™. In addition, licensing ensures that high-quality Chemours™ products are used for Teflon™ coatings.

What is Teflon™?

Teflon™ is not a product or brand name, but stands for a product family of Chemours™. The name refers to various fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, PFA and FEP. Teflon™ coatings are used as a non-stick coating , dry lubricant coating, chemical protection coating and as an electrically insulating coating.

Xylan® the fluoropolymer coating portfolio from Withford

Behind the name Xylan® lies a product group of fluoropolymers.
This ranges from PTFE and PFA to FEP. The functional scope here ranges from non-stick and antifriction properties to wear, chemical and corrosion protection.
In order to offer you the best possible Xylan® coating for your products, we work closely with ppg.

Coatings with PFA and Excalibur® for increased wear protection

PFA coatings in combination with Excalibur® coatings offer increased wear protection compared to conventional PFA coatings.

In addition, Excalibur® coatings are food safe. Depending on the field of application, Excalibur® coatings are generally available in electrically dissipative versions.

More about Excalibur® coatings

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Control slide with PFA Ruby Red coating, chemical protection coating and non-stick coating
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Swing Sensor coated with PFA
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Schweissspiegel mit Antihaftbeschichtung (PFA Beschichtung)
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Welding mirror wif pfa nonstick coating
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Ink trays coated with Excalibur non-stick coating / PFA coating for the paper and printing industry.
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