Individual coating solutions

Often your requirements go beyond existing recipes. When working together on the preparation of a technical specification, for example, it can be seen that the surface of a component is supposed to fulfill various functionalities. In these cases, our laboratory team supports you step by step: From consulting and sampling and development to the introduction of production processes that are ready to go into production and are validated where required. We care for energy consumption and environmental compatibility at every process step. This includes the thorough examination of the raw material to ensure the desired properties.

An example from medical technology: It is not sufficient to electrically isolate an instrument used several times in high-frequency surgery only in the areas provided. On the contrary, we have to adjust the insulating coating in its thermal and chemical resistance to the appropriate sterilization process, to adhere to permissible coating thickness tolerances as well as to coating zones and to meet your requirements regarding haptics and optics (color, marking, etc.).

Wetting of surfaces after plasma treatment

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In general, we examine the raw material to ensure its suitability for use. The image shows an inhomogeneity in the elastomer (deficient elastomer compound).