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O-ring coatings increase the functionality, lifetime, and safety of your elastomers. 

We coat your O-rings, no matter whether they are made of EPDM, NBR, HNBR, VAC, Viton, silicone or other elastomer materials.
We use the latest bonded coatings and dry lubrication coatings, combined with the latest mass coating processes and, last but not least, the expertise and experience of our teams of engineers, chemists, paint technicians, and coaters.
Coatings on O-rings reduce the coefficient of friction, reduce wear, and thus increase service life. This happens without reducing properties such as flexibility or similar features. Besides, O-ring coatings can increase resistance to certain chemicals. Further information on this is available on request.

O-ring coatings optimized for your benefit

Through individual consultation, we select the appropriate materials such as PTFE, silicone or nanocomposites, as well as the appropriate coating processes for your application
Based on the selection of the coating materials for your O-rings and the selected coating process, we achieve the coefficient of friction, coating thickness, and color you require.
On request, we can also provide food-grade (FDA) approval for products that come into contact with food or drinking water.
Our optimized mass coating process ensures that we can produce even large quantities of O-rings within a very short time at a favorable price.

Improved adhesion through plasma pretreatment

The surface is cleaned and chemically activated by plasma pretreatment at low pressure (vacuum) and atmospheric pressure. This is what makes the coating of O-rings, on some surfaces, possible in most cases.
Plasma pretreatment is not only used for O-rings but also other elastomer moldings.

More about plasma pretreatment

Advantages of O-ring coatings

  • O-ring coatings protect against abrasion
  • Offer excellent wear protection and thus increase the service life.
  • Reduce malfunctions
  • Reduce the necessary contact pressure and prevent rebound
  • Works even with constant contact pressure
  • O-ring coatings do not reduce the flexibility of elastomers
  • Coated O-rings do not require lubricants such as greases or oils and therefore offer a clean finish.   
  • Colored O-ring coatings are easier to realize than elastomers which are produced in color
  • On request with food approval (FDA)



  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology (Life Science)
  • Furniture industry
  • Watch industry / Luxury goods


Talk to us about your requirements. 
We will find the ideal solution for you.

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O-rings coated with bonded lubricant coating to reduce the stick-slip effect
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Colorful O-rings in various sizes with bonded coating
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O-ring coated with PTFE or silicone based lubricant incl. blue colouring
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O-ring translucent coating with FDA and drinking water approval