O-Ring Coating

The latest developments in dry-lubrication coatings combined with the most modern application techniques, and the long term experience of a highly motivated coating team enable us to apply coatings based on PTFE, Silicone and Nanocomposites on various elastomers, i.e. EPDM/ NBR/ HNBR/ VAC and Viton.

Mode of operation:

The coatings reduce the coefficient of friction of the specific elastomer without changing any other physical parameters. The wear rate during operation is reduced.





  • Automotive industry
  • Medical technology (Life Science)
  • Furniture industry
  • Watch industry / Luxury goods


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The following companies offer these procedures:

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O-Ringe beschichtet mit Gleitlack zur reduzierung des Stick-slip-Effektes
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id 10650
O-Ring beschichtet mit Gleitlack auf Basis von PTFE oder Silikon inkl. Blaufärbung
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O-Ring beschichtet mit transluzenter Beschichtung mit FDA und Trinkwasserzulassung