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Plasma pre-treatment and coating

Plasma is a partial ionized gas, a “cocktail” of excited particles, molecules, radicals, ions, electrons and high-energy radiation such as UV. It is special because: Plasma can clean surfaces and chemically activate them, which often only makes coating possible. For this, we use low-pressure (vacuum) and atmospheric pressure plasmas. 

Plasma technology sets new standards for the functionalization of surfaces in industries like the automotive and medical technology. Unlike conventional coatings (wet and powder coating), plasma coatings reach homogeneous coats of some nanometers with properties such as anti-adhesion and barrier effects, or chemical and corrosion protection Even parts with complex geometries are usually suitable for coating with plasmas. At ADELHELM, we investigate the properties of surfaces before each plasma treatment. The most important measuring instruments for this purpose are the reflected light microscope, the ATR-IR spectrometer and the contact angle-measuring instrument.

Noise reduction
Bonded coatings & dry lubrication

- Automotive industry
- Chemical industry
- Electrical engineering
- Energy sector
- Semiconductor industry
- Maintenance / Repair
- Plastics processing industry 
- Laboratory technology
- Coatings technology
- Food industry 
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Measurement and level control technology
- Furniture industry
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Watch industry / Luxury goods
- Packaging industry


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