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PTFE coating (or Teflon coatings)

PTFE coatings (often referred to as Teflon coatings - Teflon is a brand name of DuPont®) are used both as non-stick  and as bonded coatings  (to reduce friction).
The English terms Non-Stick-Coatings for non-stick coatings, Antifriction-Coatings for bonded coatings or the term Anti-Crack Coating are also frequently used, because noise is avoided  by reducing friction.

Advantages of friction reducing coatings with PTFE

In Bonded coating systems  the PTFE serves as a solid lubricant.
Other common solid lubricants are Moldän disulfide (Mos2), graphite or silicone.
Another positive effect can be the avoidance of a stick-slip effect, if the static friction of a sliding mating is significantly higher than the sliding friction. This often leads to a sliding back.
Coated surfaces are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, leakage of grease or oil is excluded by as what the name suggests dry lubricant.

PTFE coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene are characterized by a high temperature resistance.
For example, a pan coated with "Teflon" can be used up to 260 ° C for food preparation.

Chemours® Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA)

The Adelhelm Group has been licensed by the company Chemours® (Teflon) for 15 years.
Teflon coatings from Adelhelm thus comply with the high quality standards of Chemours®. In addition, licensing ensures that high-quality Chemours® products are used for Teflon coatings.

What is Teflon?

Teflon is not a product or brand name, but stands for a product family of Chemours®. The name refers to various fluoropolymers, such as PFA. Teflon is also used as a non-stick coating , dry lubricant coating, chemical protection coating and as an electrically insulating coating .

Coatings with PTFF and Excalibur® for increased wear protection

PFA coatings in combination with Excalibur® coatings offer increased wear protection compared to conventional PFA coatings.

In addition, Excalibur® coatings are food safe. Depending on the field of application, Excalibur® coatings are generally available in electrically dissipative versions.

More about Excalibur® coatings

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