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PTFE coating (or Teflon coatings)

PTFE coatings (often referred to as Teflon™ coatings - Teflon™ is a brand name of Chemours™) are used both as non-stick  and as bonded coatings  (to reduce friction).
The English terms Non-Stick-Coatings for non-stick coatings, Antifriction-Coatings for bonded coatings or the term Anti-Crack Coating are also frequently used, because noise is avoided  by reducing friction.

Advantages of friction reducing coatings with PTFE

In Bonded coating systems  the PTFE serves as a solid lubricant.
Other common solid lubricants are Moldän disulfide (Mos2), graphite or silicone.
Another positive effect can be the avoidance of a stick-slip effect, if the static friction of a sliding mating is significantly higher than the sliding friction. This often leads to a sliding back.
Coated surfaces are virtually maintenance-free. In addition, leakage of grease or oil is excluded by as what the name suggests dry lubricant.

PTFE coating based on polytetrafluoroethylene are characterized by a high temperature resistance.
For example, a pan coated with "Teflon™" can be used up to 260 ° C for food preparation.

On request, we also offer thin non-stick and bonded coatings with electrically conductive function.

Chemours™ Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA)

The Adelhelm Group has been licensed by the company Chemours™ (Teflon™) for 15 years.
Teflon™ coatings from Adelhelm thus comply with the high quality standards of Chemours™. In addition, licensing ensures that high-quality Chemours™ products are used for Teflon™ coatings.

What hides behind the name Teflon™?

Teflon™ is not a product or brand name, but stands for an umbrella brand / product family of the company Chemours™. Various fluoropolymers are concealed under the name. PTFE PFA and FEP are particularly worth mentioning here. These are used as Teflon™ coating for non-stick coating, dry lubricant coating, chemical protection coating, corrosion protection coating and as electrically insulating coating.

Xylan® coatings

Analogous to the Teflon™ coating from Chemours, ppg also offers a broad portfolio of coating solutions under the name Xylan®. This ranges from non-stick coatings and bonded coatings to chemical protection coatings and corrosion protection coatings.
Through many years of cooperation with the company ppg (ehemanls Whiford), we have the best experience with Xylan® coatings and are licensed partners of the company ppg.

Coatings with PTFF and Excalibur® for increased wear protection

PFA coatings in combination with Excalibur® coatings offer increased wear protection compared to conventional PFA coatings.

In addition, Excalibur® coatings are food safe. Depending on the field of application, Excalibur® coatings are generally available in electrically dissipative versions.

More about Excalibur® coatings

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O-ring coated with PTFE or silicone based lubricant incl. blue colouring
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Kleinteile beschichtet mit Excalibur-Antihaftbeschichtung (PTFE) für den Maschinen und Anlagenbau.
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farbige Kachel bgcolor-standard
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Components with PTFE bonded coating and dry lubrication coating
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Chemours Telflon coating (PTFE) license for Adelhelm plastic coatings as licensed Teflon coater (PTFE)