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Anti-slip coatings

Coated automation components such as rollers and feeders facilitate the transport, processing, protection and assembly of materials and components. The elastic anti-slip, traction coating promotes products safety and without damage to the materials. You can also define the desired coefficient of friction. You may choose coatings with a shore hardness of up to 60 Shore and coating thicknesses from a few microns up to several millimeters in thickness. Structured surfaces are also feasible.

ADELHELM Kunststoffbeschichtungen GmbH - For the Pharmaceutical and food industry, we offer variants according to FDA 177.1680 (Title 21). Such coatings with a high rebound effect and high tear growth resistance also protect the components in coated wash baskets and the cleaning baskets from wear in the cleaning technology.


Traction or anti-slip coatings benefits:

  • Your processes become more manageable and faster
  • Noise reduction
  • Impact resistance increases
  • Dirt-free = less need for cleaning
  • Less wear = longer lifetime





  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Food industry 
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Medical technology (Life Science)
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Watch industry / Luxury goods


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Anti-slip coating with wear protection (PU basis) on a screw conveyor
id 5978
PU anti-slip coating on cleaning basket with additional wear protection
id 5979
Conveying cone with anti-slip coating and wear protection on PU basis