Anti-slip coatings

Coated automation components such as rollers or feeders facilitate the transport, processing, protection and assembly of materials and components. The elastic anti-slip or traction coating promotes products safely and without damage. You can also define the desired coefficient of friction. Choose coatings with shore hardnesses of 60 Shore and coat thicknesses from a few μ up to several millimeters. Structured surfaces are also feasible. For the pharmaceutical and food industry, we offer variants according to FDA 177.1680 (Title 21). Such coatings with a high rebound effect and high tear growth resistance also protect the components in coated wash baskets and the cleaning baskets from wear in the cleaning technology.


How your production of traction or anti-slip coatings can benefit:

  • Your processes become more manageable and faster
  • The noise level is reduced
  • The impact strength increases
  • Dirt-free = less need for cleaning
  • Less wear = longer lifetime

- Manual Coating
- Others

- Maintenance / Repair
- Food industry 
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Pharmaceutical industry
- Watch industry / Luxury goods


Describe us your project and we will find
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