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Effective protection against corrosion
- through corrosion protection coatings based on E-CTFE, ETFE, PFA

Extend the service life of your metallic components with corrosion/chemical protection coatings. Corrosion protection coatings of resistant fluoroplastics effectively protect your surfaces. Depending on your requirements, we recommend fluoroplastic coatings made of E-CTFE (Halar®), ETFE, PFA, FEP and epoxides or non-fluorinated plastics such as polyamide, polyethylene or PEEK. The good thermoplastic properties of these fluoroplastic coatings allow layer thicknesses of up to two millimeters.

If required, we can provide your materials/products with corrosion protection coatings in several passes. Whether manually or automatically and under defined cleanliness conditions (cleanroom class 8). Component weights of up to 10 tons and component sizes of up to 6.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 m are possible. We work according to international standards such as NORSOK. Describe your task to us and we will recommend you a appropriate solution.

Further possibilities of corrosion protection coatings from the Adelhelm Group.

As part of the Adelhelm Group, Vallon Metallveredlung offers the following corrosion protection coatings:
Galvanic zinc plating for rack and bulk goods with different passivation layers:
Blue, yellow, black passivation as well as thick-film passivation, each with sealing coating.
Furthermore conversion coatings for aluminum and steel as corrosion protection coatings and adhesion promoter layer.
Zinc phosphating with and without corrosion protection oiling.
As well as various galvanic coatings for small parts/bulk goods like: copper, silver, nickel, and tin.

Corrosion protection coatings with non-stick properties (Ruby Red®)

Ruby Red® coatings are used as corrosion protection coatings and as non-stick coatings. Two main applications are, for example, impeller coatings in painting technologies and heating coils in electroplating baths.
Ruby Red® combines the properties of corrosion protection coatings or chemical protection coatings and non-stick coating in a comparatively thin layer thickness (from approx. 300µm).
Besides, the Ruby Red® chemical protection coatings offers good protection against a wide range of acids and alkalis.
They are also temperature resistant up to 260°C.



  • Chemical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Laboratory technology
  • Measurement and level control technology
  • Off-Shore
  • Pharmaceutical industry


Describe us your project and we will find
the perfect coating solution for you.

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id 11824
Level sensor with corrosion protection coating, coated with PFA coating, Ruby Red® as non-stick coating and corrosion protection
id 11825
Heavy corrosion protection coating on cover.
id 11826
Halar® coating on manholes of ultrapure water tanks with corrosion protection and chemical protection Coating
id 11827
Cover plate with corrosion protection coating and non-stick coating from with MyLine®
id 11828
Workpiece carrier coated with chemical protection coating and corrosion protection coating (E-CTFE, Halar®)
id 11829
Chemical protection and corrosion protection coating (Halar®) on manholes of an ultrapure water tank
id 10494
Screw conveyor with chemical protection coating and corrosion protection coating, Halar® electrically conductive.