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Coating functions

Whether the automotive or packaging industry, medical technology or mechanical engineering: Technical coatings are used in almost every industry. They give components and products the desired properties and thus increase their benefits. The ADELHELM Group provides solutions for the functionalization of all surfaces. With many years of experience, we apply coatings for tribological applications, non-stick coatings, corrosion protection in chemical apparatus engineering, electrical insulation, shielding, static discharge capacity in combination with splinter protection and elastic wear protection.

In addition, hydrophilic effects, aseptic surfaces, an increase in echogenicity or the adaptation of hue and haptics are needed. What do you need? We look forward to your request and we will find together the best solution for you.

Describe us your project and we will find
the perfect coating solution for you.

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The Adelhelm coating and its function
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Vergusswerkzeug beschichtet mit Antihaftbeschichtung
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Schocklöffel aus der Medizinindustrie beschichtet mit Polyamid
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Schaftrohre beschichtet mit E-CTFE und bedruckt mit adprint für die Medizintechnik