Hydrophilic (”water-absorbent”) coatings are frequently used in medical technology. If they are exposed to water, saline solution or body fluid, they form a very slidable surface, which has hardly any friction resistance. In the case of medical devices for the minimally invasive application, this increases, for example, the safety and comfort of the patients.


Hydrophilic coatings from ADELHELM are available in three versions:

  • adcoat® ML Hydrophil – M for metallic surfaces
  • adcoat® ML Hydrophil – R for rubber or flexible surfaces
  • adcoat® ML Hydrophil – P for plastic surfaces


Hydrophilic functional coatings are biocompatible and anti-thrombotic. They can be applied as a transparent or translucently bonded coat. The coating thickness of the dried film is 5 to 10 μm. Automated dipping method ensure a high-precision processing.

- Partially and fully-automated coatings
- Clean room coating

- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Pharmaceutical industry

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