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The manufacturing technology distinguishes between different procedures for the functionalization of surfaces. The corresponding process as well as the applied coat itself is called coating. At ADELHELM, we coat your components manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically. Small parts can often be coated economically in a mass process.

For complex geometries, a dip coating is recommended. In the case of powdery materials, whirl sintering is alternatively used. In addition, we also focus on thermal spraying and the use of plasma for cleaning and coating surfaces. Sensitive parts and devices, mainly for medical technology, are coated in special clean rooms.

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Manual application of non stick coatings (PTFE Teflon)
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Mit Gleitlack beschichtete Magnetanker.
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Pulverbeschichtete Gehäuse im manuellen Beschichtungsverfahren.
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Fertigung bei laufendem Betrieb