Screw lock

With EpoTime, each screw sits permanently The clamping screw locking system of EPOSINT has proven itself in practice millions of times, With low assembly torque and high loosening torque, it has been developed for applications in micro-machining. It secures screws and threaded connections to prevent them from unintended loosening by vibration and impact. Whether permanent or removable: EpoTime is a powerful alternative to adhesive fuses.


The right turning for your application

Depending on the screw and application area, a wide range of recipes is available. The coating systems range from thin-coat nanoproducts for particle-free use to thick-coat solutions for high torques. Thanks to special application processes, we completely coat your screws with an outer diameter of 0.3 mm. From 0.6 mm even, a selective coating is possible.

- Others

- Electrical engineering
- Machinery and plant engineering
- Medical technology (Life Science)
- Watch industry / Luxury goods


Describe us your project and we will find
the perfect coating solution for you.

Tel. +49 7121 98 8 56-0

left: without, right: with screw lock

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