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Electrically conductive & antistatic coatings

Electrically conductive coatings are becoming increasingly important. One reason for this is regulations for explosion protection, such as the ATEX directives of the European Union. Correctly modified, most coating materials can derive electrostatic charges.

Typical tasks and fields of application of antistatic materials:

  • Non-conductible coatings suppress electrostatic charges and prevent dust accumulation and electric fields in an explosive environment
  • Pipes, containers, stackable containers or packaging that are antistatic coated, facilitate the storage and transport of highly flammable goods



  • Chemical industry
  • Semiconductor industry
  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Packaging industry


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Testing of coatings

We can test the surface resistance and the contact resistance for you. The specific surface resistance (leakage resistance) is electrical resistance, which is opposed to the current flow between two electrodes, which are mounted on the surface of the coating. The contact resistance is the resistance to the current flow through the coating. Restriction: The usual measurement methods for porosity testing fail with electrically conductive coatings.

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id 12015
Tank coated with chemical protection, electrically conductive (individual production).
id 12016
Screw conveyor with chemical protection coating and corrosion protection coating, Halar® electrically conductive.
id 12017
Tank inner coating on ultrapure water tanks for chemical protection with Halar® E-CTFE
id 12018
Slide with RubyRed coating corrosion protection and electrically conductive
id 12019
Impeller coated with Excalibur for nonstick coating / FEP Coating for the food industry electrically conductive.
id 12020
Chemical protection and corrosion protection coating (Halar®) on manholes of an ultrapure water tank