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Non-stick coatings

The best-known example of a non-stick coating is Teflon coatings.
They ensure that the pizza can be easily removed from the mold after baking.
The Teflon coating also makes cleaning easier. This requires fewer lubricants, such as oil and grease. Teflon™ Coatings, as well as other non-stick coatings, make it easier to work and clean the products. In the industry, cleaning and operating costs can be reduced. The food industry is just one example of the use of non-stick coatings that prevent various substances from adhering. Many industrial products such as plastics, foams, or rubber are coated at ADELHELM for this purpose.

Another example of Teflon coatings are blades. Whether in industry or in the household, blades with Teflon coating reduce the effort required for cutting and improve the quality of the cut.

Non-stick coatings are based on the materials PTFE (e.g. Teflon™),PFA, FEP, PEEK, and SolGel. They are resistant up to 260°C. We modify the color, conductivity, diffusion, and abrasion resistance of the coatings according to your requirements. Internal or external reinforcements, for example by the patented EXCALIBUR® process, increase the wear resistance of the coating and thus make your parts particularly durable.

On request, we also offer thin non-stick coatings (PTFE and PFA) with electrically conductive function.

Chemours™ Licensed Industrial Applicator (LIA)

The Adelhelm Group has been a licensed contract coater for 15 years by the company Chemours™ (Teflon™).
Teflon coatings from Adelhelm thus meet the high-quality standards of the company Chemours™. Furthermore, the licensing guarantees that high-quality products from Chemours™ are used for Teflon coatings.

What is Teflon™?

Teflon™ is not a product or brand name but stands for a product family of the company Chemours™. The name covers various fluoropolymers, such as PTFE, PFA and FEP.
Teflon™ is used as a non-stick coating, dry lubricant coating, chemical protection coating, and electrically insulating coating.

What are Xylan® coatings?

Xylan® coatings, similar to Teflon™ coatings, are an umbrella term for a wide variety of fluoropolymers. PTFE, PFA or FEP are just a few examples of what is hidden behind the term Xylan® coatings.

Xylan® coatings are distributed by the company ppg, with whom we have been working for years. This allows us to offer you the best know-how in the application of Xylan® coatings.

Wear-resistant non-stick coatings with Excalibur® coatings

Excalibur® coatings are suitable for non-stick coatings with increased wear protection. Compared to conventional non-stick coatings based on fluoropolymers, Excalibur® coatings are much more abrasion-resistant.
In addition, Excalibur® coatings are food safe and electrically conductive if desired.

More about Excalibur® coatings

Non-stick coating in combination with corrosion protection coating (Ruby Red®)

Ruby Red® non-stick coatings supplement the non-stick effect with the properties of an anti-corrosion coating. Their fields of application range from impellers and pipes to heating coils in electroplating baths. The special feature of Ruby Red® is the thin layer thickness of approx. 300µm and the combination of non-stick coating, chemical protection and corrosion protection.
The chemical protection coating offers additional protection against various acids and alkalis.



  • Automotive industry
  • Maintenance / Repair
  • Plastics processing industry 
  • Coatings technology
  • Food industry 
  • Aviation industry
  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Medical technology (Life Science)
  • Paper and printing industry
  • Packaging industry


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Kleinteile beschichtet mit Excalibur-Antihaftbeschichtung (PTFE) für den Maschinen und Anlagenbau.
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Non-stick coating and corrosion protection Coating with Ruby Red® on a pipe
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Funnel with FEP coating, non-stick coating and chemical protection
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Schleppketten mit Antihaftbeschichtung
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Industrial pipe coated with Ruby Red® a combination of corrosion protection coating and nonstick coating
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Schweissspiegel mit Antihaftbeschichtung (PFA Beschichtung)
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Welding mirror wif pfa nonstick coating
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Ventilation wheel coated with adcoat 33/5000 Ruby Red for the Coating and Automobile Industrie
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Chemours Telflon coating (PTFE) license for Adelhelm plastic coatings as licensed Teflon coater (PTFE)